How to Create a Comfortable Workspace in a Shared Office

Sharing an office space can be difficult, especially if you have a large number of employees who need to occupy the space. If you are sharing an office space with another company, there are various ways you can do to draw a boundary and give your employees their own space. Creating a comfortable environment for your employees will encourage them to focus on their tasks and be more productive. If you want to provide your employees a more comfortable workspace in a shared office, here are some techniques you can do:

  • Invest in work desks with privacy dividers. Privacy dividers provide employees their own personal space, which they can decorate with their favorite belongings, helping them relax during stressful situations. Privacy dividers also help employees focus on their tasks, making them an important feature in a shared office space.

  • Create a pantry schedule with the other company. Creating a pantry schedule will prevent overcrowding and will allow your employees to enjoy their breaks without worrying about having enough space. Having an effective pantry schedule will also help your employees bond and get to know each other better, creating better team dynamics. 

  • Create a designated space that only your company can access. Create a makeshift private corner where you can conduct meetings and one on one discussions with your employees. Having a private corner is ideal for discussing confidential company matters. Having a private corner will also encourage your employees to open up about personal or company matters they are sensitive about. 

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